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Fire Evacuation Procedures

Compliance requires all Australian employers to ensure that their staff know what to do in case of fire. Staff must know emergency exit locations, evacuation gathering points, and who to look to for guidance. Fire Asset Maintenance Australia manages compliant Evacuation Procedures on a regular basis for businesses in adition to organising training for key personnel. From residential body corporates and commercial high-rises to major railway stations FAMA provides up to date training and procedures for all sectors. Our trainers are all QBCC-licensed (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) and training-qualified.

Training of Wardens

In an emergency situation effective leadership is required, or panic and loss of life may occur. Fire Asset Maintenance Australia can train your choice of Wardens and Chief Wardens on the best way to keep a cool head in a crisis.

FireMate Training

Training is a critical part of your success with FireMate, that’s why we take the time to understand your business and personnel structure before the training processes begin. In this way, we can deliver training that creates the greatest residual learning and is adopted by the people responsible for the role out of FireMate.

FireMate Training


A course designed to accustom clients to install and set up processes.


A course designed for service coordinators, service managers, technicians and the like.


Training tailored directly to your needs.


Training tailored directly to your needs.

Our Training Services

  • Evacuation drills
  • Arrange an evacuation exercise for staff and fire wardens
  • Provide a briefing session
  • Conduct the exercise
  • Oversee evacuation
  • Debrief on completion of exercise
  • Produce written report for records to document procedures and the responsibilities of wardens
  • Provide ongoing training plans

Emergency Preparedness & Response Training for:

  • Transport
  • Aviation
  • Health Care
  • Aged Care
  • Light Industry
  • Heavy Industry

Site specific alarm systems and response

  • A FREE site survey
  • Decision-making appropriate to varying emergency situations
  • Emergency procedures and response plans, site by site
  • Effective and clear communication with key personnel and the relevant authorities
  • How to conduct safe evacuation of a building or site
  • Training of chief wardens
  • Australian standards, guidelines and compliance
  • Preparing for, and planning for, emergencies
  • Evacuation planning and processes
  • Communication and alarm systems
  • Fire safety procedures
  • Bomb threat procedures
  • Chief Warden responsibilities
  • Emergency investigation
  • Emergencies coordination
  • Emergency services briefing
  • Human behaviour in emergencies
  • Post evacuation management

Course participants learn the key fundamentals of:

Emergency response management

Understand the Emergency Control Organisation-ECO structure

Gain the necessary skill sets and knowledge to be competent with their responsibilities during an emergency situation

Our trainers have many years of extensive experience in firefighting and fire safety with knowledge and experience gained from the defence force and fire brigade. All trainers also hold current Certificate 4 qualifications.

We are aware that your business deserves the best training available. With our knowledge, experience and passion, we know we can deliver you practical and compliant training solutions for your business.

Code Compliance

All of our emergency response training programs naturally comply with:

Australian Standard AS3745 - Emergency Control Organisations for Buildings, structures & workplace

Australian Standard AS4083 - Planning for emergencies in healthcare facilities.

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