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Lighting the way to safety

At Fire Asset Maintenance Australia (FAMA) we maintain emergency lighting to adhere to relevant building codes. Our electricians are trade-qualified and take care of everything in premises of all sizes, be they commercial or residential. We service units, major infrastructure, retail hubs, and everything inbetween.

A fire power outage is a big safety concern for authorities because, when the lights go out, the chance of injury increases. This is why emergency lighting is mandatory. Required by law.

Why FAMA ?

  • We’re fire safety experts
  • We handle your compliance
  • We’re competitively priced
  • We’re the one-stop shop for all things fire safety
  • We adapt to your individual needs
  • We maintain your system after installation
  • All our staff are local and friendly

As required by law, FAMA’s technicians make sure that your emergency lighting:

  • provides a degree of illumination to facilitate safe evacuation in a blackout or fire emergency
  • promotes exits and paths of travel to reach an exit
  • notifies occupants of the fire emergency.


Our inspections save lives

The experts at Fire Asset Maintenance Australia ensure your emergency lighting meets Australian Standards 2293.2, which stipulates that systems must be certified periodically using a 90-minute battery discharge (power down) test.

In emergency situations, your equipment needs to function as it should.

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