Our Comprehensive Fire Asset Maintenance Services

Fire Asset Maintenance Australia

Fire Asset Maintenance Australia 24hr services

All business owners have a responsibility to be compliant with fire codes, Australian standards and building safety regulations. Compliance also demands that staff be required to have fire safety evacuation training.

Fire Safety Training

Fire Asset Maintenance Australia regularly manages compliant Evacuation Procedures for businesses and organises training for key personnel. From residential body corporates to major railway stations to commercial high-rises, FAMA provides up to date training and procedures for all sectors. All of our trainers are Queensland Building and Construction Commission-licensed (QBCC) and training-qualified.

Provision of Fire Assets

Fire Asset Maintenance Australia regularly installs automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, fire pump sets, fire doors, smoke detectors and extinguishers.

Why FAMA ?

  • We’re fire safety experts
  • We handle your compliance
  • We’re competitively priced
  • We’re the one-stop shop for all things fire safety
  • We adapt to your individual needs
  • We maintain your system after installation
  • All our staff are local and friendly

FAMA provides:

  • A FREE site survey
  • A FREE maintenance quote
  • Prompt assessment and installation times
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Adherence to current installation codes for total compliance

FAMA technicians are:

  • QBCC-licensed
  • Trained in various systems

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